Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Cherry Group, The Coconut Realtors, Are Marketing Agents

Understandably, you’d answer with a question, “Whom else, a Buyer’s Agent?” The Cherry Group, Coconut Grove’s Expert Realtors answers with, “You want a marketing agent, not
a listing agent”. A listing agent does just that; he or she lists your home which consumes about an hour’s worth of paperwork and hits ‘send’. Your home appears on the MLS among the many
thousands of other homes listed, waiting to be found by a Buyer through
Realtor.com or a Realtor searching for a home with your specifications. Sure he
works hard. There might be open houses and multiple showings. But after about
two weeks of being listed, the party seems to be over, doesn’t it?
What you want is a marketing agent Like The Cherry Group. All Realtors can list a home, but marketing it at the highest level and as a commodity is what marketing agents do. A marketing agent’s disciplined approach embodies these classical marketing principals:
1. PRODUCT-You house is more than a home. When it goes on the market, it becomes a product until it becomes a home once again for the next buyer. We marketing agents first determine what the ‘unique selling proposition’ is. What sets your home apart from the other
comparable homes? It could be location, architecture, finishes, a special room
or, in the absence of anything really special, the element setting your home
apart from the pack would have to be price. It simply has to be “The Best Deal
in Town”, “least Expensive per Square Foot” or possibly “Best Price for Any
Home Built since 2006”. The Unique Selling Proposition becomes the foundation
of all our marketing.
2. PRICE – By utilizing the latest software to generate a Comparative Market Analysis and then visiting the home to overlay our observations built on 20 years in the business, we can nail the asking and probable sales prices. Motivated sellers should listen to their Realtors and take their pricing advice. If not, don’t put your home on the market. Where once the three basic
principals of real estate sales were location, location, location- now it’s price, price, price.
3. CUSTOMIZED PRESENTATION – Here is where we marketing agents take your home to the highest level to get your home sold quickly and at the highest price. Everything The Cherry group does is with an eye towards attention to detail and formatting to attract Buyers and their
agents, beginning with the best professional photography and floor plans that are created exclusively for the Internet. Close to 90% of all Buyers begin their searches for homes well in advance of contacting us directly or calling their Realtor. The unique selling proposition is always made apparent and is never meek or esoteric. Our Buyers know in a split second what’s special and can establish a price-value relationship immediately, often before even visiting the property.
4. PLACEMENT – Our listings benefit through The Cherry Group’s affiliation
with Coldwell Banker who now has almost 400 Internet Partners where our
listings appear. Additionally, the Company has offices throughout the United
States and in 40 Countries, sending motivated Buyers right to our front door. Should
your property be a luxury home, listed for over $1 million, The Company’s
Luxury Home Division, PREVIEWS, is the oldest luxury Real Estate brand in the world and our listings appear on-line and in wonderfully artistic print publications mailed to 60,000
high-end homes in Florida alone, notwithstanding world-wide distribution. A
marketing agent might have other special affiliations to take your property to
the highest level. As an example, The Cherry group (bi-lingual) recently was
selected as Citibank’s exclusive Realtors for its high equity clients enrolled
in its Citigold Program from Mexico, central and South America, providing our
higher-end clients with vast exposure to buyers ready, willing and able to buy
with cash.
As marketing agents, The Cherry Group strives for distinctiveness for each property it
lists, no matter what the price point. Each home we take to market is a brand unto itself and treated by us as a profit center for its owner. As The Coconut Grove Expert Realtors, we always integrate our community into the overall marketing platform because we have lived and worked here for over 20 years and truly love it. A central theme running throughout our marketing is that a major benefit of buying a particular home is its Coconut Grove location.
If you plan to list your home for sale, ask the Realtors applying for the job what kind of
agents they are. If they say a “Listing Agent”, it’s the wrong answer. Keep looking.
Please speak with THE CHERRY GROUP, The Coconut Grove Realtors, by calling 305.607.8360. We'll create a plan just for your home.

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